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Gardening Supplies, Tools & Equipment

From essential everyday tools to those more specific items.


Everyday Supplies

We stock compost bins, dustbins, incinerators and water butts, hose reels and hose fittings, garden tidy kits, long handled dustpans, brooms and brushes.

Seasonal Garden Care

For seasonal seed sowing we have a range of seed and gravel trays, pricking-out pots, peat pots, cell inserts and plug plant trays.

Useful Tools

We have a comprehensive range of traditional bamboo canes and tree stakes as well as many different rings and spirals to support your plants.

Lawns & Lawn Care

We have the full range of products to create and care for the perfect lawn, including grass seeds, grass feed and products from various manufacturers to keep it healthy all year round.

Compost & Chemicals

We stock a comprehensive range of composts to suit all gardening and planting requirements. We also supply a full range of weed killers, pesticides, chemicals and plant foods. 

Fencing & Decking

We keep a basic range of fencing, trellis and posts, but can order in many other items from the Forest Garden range. We also stock the Cuprinol range of essential decking care treatments.