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Looking After Your Garden This Summer

At the height of summer we all have to keep hydrated, be that by a tall glass of water or a cold beer while watching the football. Your plants need to stay hydrated too and this can be problematic though since some of us are away on holidays and the lack of rainfall keeps our plants dry as a bone. 

Here are a few tips to keep your garden flourishing:

Bottled water drips: Fashion your own slow watering system by using an upside down bottle of water with a small hole in the lid to drip from. The larger the hole the quicker it will drain.

Drip hoses: By putting holes all the way down a hosepipe it can be left on low (as long as it isn’t going uphill) and water the garden.

Ask a neighbour: They are more than likely willing to help, just make sure they know not to get water on the leaves or they will scorch!

Water gel crystals: Dig them into the soil. They can absorb water and slowly release it.

Water saving bark: Reduces the amount of transpiration from the soil so it retains more moisture.

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